Key data

Location: Hanau near Frankfurt am Main
Purchased: March 2020
Property type: Brownfield, in part historic listed existing buildings 
Plannes use: Light-Industrial / buisness park
Size: 66.000m² site area


Location & Transport Connections

Hanau is a fast-growing city in the metropolitan region of Frankfurt am Main, one of the strongest economic regions in Germany at the heart of Europe. Frankfurt Airport is easily reached by road and rail, and there are direct motorway connections to the A3, A66 and A45 (Hanau Junction). From Hanau Central Station, several InterCity Express connections reach Frankfurt Central Station in just 17 minutes. Hanau’s harbour, which is trimodal and deals with heavy transhipment, is only approx. 1.0 km away.

The site is located just a few minutes’ walk away from Hanau Central Station and is directly connected to the B 43a. The site therefore has excellent transportation connections to the public transport system and for delivery traffic. It is served by two separate entrances, one from Heideäcker and another from Alten Auheimer Weg. The direct vicinity is characterised by the railway tracks for the InterCity Express route to the south, a small-units commercial area to the west and a production plant of Goodyear Dunlop to the north.



Hanauer Rütgerswerk, which was founded in 1886, was one of over 70 plants for the impregnation of wood with creosote which were constructed in the course of the development of railway lines and to serve the accompanying need for impregnated wooden sleepers in the 19th and20th centuries. The serious restrictions on the use of creosote for the impregnation of wood for reasons of environmental protection and for health reasons, as well as the introduction of new processes, led to lower demand in recent years and ultimately to the closure of the plant. In the 1970s, the site was built over by a bridge of the B43a, which separated the site into a northern and a southern area.  

In February 2020, BRIGHT acquired the site directly from Rütgers.




 Use Concept

The planning provides for differentiated use of the partial sites, including both classical storage and logistics areas, as well as flexible industrial halls for light manufacturing and production. The buildings will be erected in sustainable construction style. Special attention is focused in this context on the flexibility of the buildings and their capacity for use by third parties. BRIGHT is a member of DGNB.